Sunday, February 5, 2012

Solving "Belt Hang-Over"

I love adding skinny belts  to dresses and outfits.  But what I absolutely don't love is how expensive a thin strip of material is!  So, I wait until the belts go on sale at Target and buy them for less.  A lot of the time, the only cute belts left are in XL.  I buy them anyways!  I came up with this little no-brainer trick so that I could continue being cheap and buying belts that are too big!

What you need:
- A thin belt of your choice.  I picked a snake skin belt from Target.
- A little clear rubber hair band.

Step One:
Slide the rubber hair-tie onto the belt and slide it up near the buckle.  Then, put your belt on and close the buckle.

Next, slide your hair-tie as far down the belt as you need to secure the loose end.  Sometimes you need to "tighten" the rubber band.  To do this, just loop the rubber band around the end of the belt and adjust!

Final step is to slide your belt into place!  No double sided tape needed to ruin any of your belts.  This trick also helps hold the belt in place if you run out of wholes.  You can just push the pin to the side and put the belt through the buckle.  Then, secure the end tightly with the rubber band.

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