About Me

All About Me!

I have a lot of interests, passions, and pet peeves.  I love party planning, fashion, movies, music, makeup, animals, food, travel, interior design, shopping, friends, crafting*, photography, good taste, hockey, weddings, pretending to be a life coach, writing, magazine skimming and much much more.  I am a party planner, wedding consultant, occasional stylist, and blogger of all things.  These things are all my jobs and makeup my lifestyle so it's safe to say that I love what I do!  (My Website)  I decided to start a blog when I had to write one for an internship and I loved doing it.  I like sharing advice and tips with people but I LOVE getting tips and advice too.  You're not a well rounded person unless you can absorb the things other people have to share!  If I could tell everyone in the world one piece of advice it would be this:


I grew up between Pittsburgh, PA and Scottsdale, AZ.
Horse back riding in AZ when I was probably 7!
Highschool days in Pittsburgh.
More AZ living.. I wish Pittsburgh had cool places like Slide Rock!
Where I did the most growing, Pittsburgh!
Middle school... This is the photo I always think of when I think of being a kid!

I love animals so much!  I have currently have four.  It's a zoo and I regularly feel stressed over having four animals who shed everywhere but I love them.  Two cats and two dogs make up my zoo!  Growing up I always loved animals.  I had everything from a dogs to guinea pigs and my brother even had a hedge-hog at one point!  I try and support local animal shelters as much as I can and I am a huge advocate for animal safety and well-being.  Pitt bulls aren't bad, people are bad!

Bisou (left) and Bear (right) are my two little trouble makers.  This is them as puppies!  Bisou is a crazy weird breed, Coton De Tulear and Bear is a mix between a Shepard, chow-chow and shar-pei.  Bisou was a Christmas present from a few years back and Bear was adopted from Animal Friends; our amazing local animal shelter.
Scout the "Avatar" cat
Mojo the charmer.  You will want to take him home after meeting him.
We all had baby fat... but these were two of my dogs in AZ.  Arco (left) an insanely lovable Rottweiler and Ginger (right) a crazy red Doberman  Pinscher.
Bisou Bisou!
This is my brother's cat, Jack.  I just love this picture!
Bear's "fall portrait" haha!  What a cutie.

Growing up all I did was dance, act and sing.  Well perform also but that involved the previous three things.  I was overly involved in theater and dancing.  I still love it and I think it got me ready for all the things I do now with my life!
Brooke/Vicky in "Noises Off" with Spotlight Performing Arts
Senior year in The Nutcracker as "the Arabian" with Spotlight Performing Arts.  (Yes, a blonde Arabian)
I love this picture because I'm so obviously tough.  This was the only acting I did at my high school.
"Kiss Me, Kate"
"Into the Woods" Evil step sisters!
In action shot while warming up for "The Nutcracker"
Alvin Ailey's "Revelations" with Spotlight Performing Arts
"West Side Story"
"Les Miserables"
"Damn, Yankees!"
Senior moment during a musical review
Good old rehearsal time...

I'm going to end my performance pictures there considering I could do a whole blog just about musicals and performances I did in high school!  I've also done a lot of traveling and hope to do much more in the future.  I've been to some cool places like Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland.  I've also been to Paris, London and most recently Negril, Jamaica!  Along with traveling outside the country, I love just flying around the US.  I have family on each coast and even up in Alaska, so I'm covered.

Central Park, NYC
Yeah, that's Carrie Bradshaw's stoop!
See that splash? (Not not the dude) But that's me when I cliff dived in Jamaica at Rick's Cafe!
Gorgeous Negril, Jamaica
Here's a throw back... In Homer, Alaska
Some of my family in Key West!  Cuban cigar and rum night!
Snorkeling in Key West
Seattle lovin'
Paris, France with the Champs Elysees in the back
Vegas, baby!

I'm going to keep updating this... All for now!