Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun T-Shirts!

Every now and then a simple t-shirt is exactly what you need.  Sometimes, all you want is to be able to wear a simple t-shirt.  If you're not into the whole dressing up thing, there are other options!  Fun "t-shirt-like" styles and designs are everywhere and they are very comfortable.  The idea is to dress nice without feeling uncomfortable.  
Some choices from my closet...  

Black LaceI love this t-shirt because it's comfortable and pretty.  Lace is really "in" right now and black is always a good go-to color.  I also really like how the sleeves aren't backed with black like the rest of the shirt.  Pair a shirt like this with jeans or even your spring red pants!

Sequined Top
Another great go-to top is this neutral colored sequined one from Express.  The sleeves are sheer and it is so comfortable and breezy. I would wear this out to dinner and drink with friends or wherever!  Sequined clothes are really in style right now, it's not secret, and this is a subtle option when you don't want to shine too much.
Chevron T-Shirt
This shirt is from the Missoni for Target line that literally flew out the doors.  Funny story... I got my wisdom teeth out a few days before this line launched.  I actually didn't even know Missoni was coming to Target!  A few days after my surgery, I was out and about at Target with my boyfriend and I started to feel horrible.  I just wanted to go home, crawl into bed with my pain meds and heal more.  On the way past the registers and to the door I looked over my shoulder toward the women's section and there it was... A huge sign that read, "MISSONI".  No matter how bad I felt I had to go over there.  The racks were so picked over I felt like I had been robbed of my chance.  I was picking through and came across this lone t-shirt in my size.  (A similar thing happened with Jason Wu)  I had to buy it, no trying on necessary.  I also happen to adore chevron!  This goes with skirts, jeans, black skinny jeans, and whatever else!

Knit T-Shirt
This type of t-shirt is different and interesting.  I found this while shopping in Vegas last summer.  I really like it!  I usually get compliments on how unique it is.  Another plus is that knitwear is in and especially lighter versions of it like this shirt.  I don't think this top is very dressy but it definitely holds its own when I'm out to eat or getting a quick drink!  This shirt made for some interesting sun burns in the summer time.. Always wear sunscreen girls and guys!

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