Saturday, February 25, 2012

Out To Dinner Outfit

Last night I ate dinner at Houlihan's!  I love their Home Style Pot Roast and "Pomtini" Martinis... mmm. Anyways, I documented my outfit from dinner for today's post.  It's a  good "going out for a fun dinner" outfit.  Assuming you don't need to wear a dress or anything more formal, of course.  So, here your go!

Here's the Out to Dinner Outfit
Lace top: Lucky Brand
Belt and Maroon Tank/Wedges: Target
Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: Gap
Ring: Forever 21

I tucked the front of my shirt into my jeans to show off the belt and also because it felt a little baggy.  This doesn't always work with shirts but this particular one has a round cut bottom which falls nicely when the front is tucked in.  I also matched my tank color to my shoes but it was just a subtle pop of color.  Somehow I have a pair of really comfortable wedges and a tank top that match... But these wedges were on sale at Target for like $3 so I bought them, and I also bought them in grey.  

This cute tan belt came with a pair of shorts from Target.  I love when you can use stuff like that for many different outfits.  Those shorts are in a future blog!

This ring is from Forever 21.  I like it because it's different and the color kind of just goes with everything.  It's a bigger cocktail ring without budging off your finger.  I'm really not an over accessorized but I do admit I could have added some pretty earrings or a bracelet.

The shoes were really difficult to photograph... Sorry!  But just imagine a maroon wedge and there you have it.

Second Look

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