Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Notes On A Party

I am a wedding planner and a party thrower so a lot of my time is invested in all things parties.  I know, it sounds like such an awful job but someone has got to help plan!  I love sharing ideas for parties with anyone because you never know whose party you'll be attending next.  Basically, these are three of my favorite party throwing tips and three of my cheapest!  

Mason Jar Prepared Drinks
You will need: Mason jars (around 2 per guest), labels, and serving buckets
Offering your guests drinks that you have already mixed is a great way to get a drink in everyone's hand.  For our Christmas party this past year, my friend Bethany and I used mason jars to serve drinks.  We offered sangria, a bailey's drink, something with vodka and something with rum. (No mixers with carbonation!)  We were able to buy cheaper booze and save a lot of money.  Whatever mixers and alcohol we didn't use for the mason jar drinks we set up in the bar area for guests to make their own versions of our drinks.
 Side note: always have wine glasses handy because wine-os usually bring their own bottle!

How to serve mason jar drinks: 
Always offer straws, have a basket for lids, use an ice bucket/cooler or display them in your refrigerator.
Drinks that work for mason jars: 
Mixed drinks with no carbonation, sangria, punches, dessert style cocktails, margaritas, etc...
Where to buy: 
Grocery stores around canning time, trader horn, craft stores, home improvement stores, Walmart, etc...

Napkin Conversation Starters
What you will need: a variety of witty cocktail napkins
A witty napkin generally goes unappreciated.  But when you throw a bunch of people into a room and pass around a funny cocktail napkin to go with their drink, they may get a kick out of it!  This is one of my personal little party touches.  It's not always appropriate to have these if you're going for a certain formality and there is no Hallmark for napkins so you may not find the perfect one.  I buy these little suckers whenever I see them on sale.  They're so cheap and I can just throw them in my party supply box for later use.

Where to buy:
TJMaxx, Target, party supplies stores, clearance bins, etc...

Water Bottles
You will need: water bottles!
One of the best things you can do for you guests after liquering them up is to offer them water bottles.  This way they can just take them out the door with them or straight to which ever couch they're crashing on.  Also, this saves a lot of extra glasses that you won't need to wash the next day.  They don't need to be cold and you don't need to display them nicely if you don't want to.  Just buy a pack and have them handy, everyone including yourself will be glad you did.

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