Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I was really excited about the Jason Wu for Target line to come out considering I've seen such little of his designs before.  I have to say, I was turned-off by the big cat print t-shirts and some odd cuts in a few of the dresses.  I was kind of excited by the bags in this collection but not enough to set my alarm and dash to Target when it opened.  Needless to say, I didn't run out to buy anything like so many others.  But now, I have to bite my tongue for not giving this "clean-lined" designer a second look.  While doing some Target shopping, I saw a lone Jason Wu for Target dress hanging on an empty rack.  It looked cute and was my size so I figured it was fate and I bought it.  When I got home to try it on I was less than happy about the boxy cut and how much my figure did NOT want to make this dress work.  Here's a photo of the dress when I first put it on:

I know, I need to do my laundry and do something about my ghostly white skin but focus on the dress.  But that's what the dress looked like before I styled it up.  I wasn't going to settle and just accept that I bought a dud.  If something is too big or just too boxy, a belt is always the answer.  That is, of course, unless you can return it for a better fit!  This dress was a little tricky because there are already horizontal stripes on it.  But I found a navy belt from an old A&F shirt that worked perfectly!

It's hard to see but around the neckline, arm holes and right above the chest is a thin sheer strip to add a little detail to a simple t-shirt dress.  I was happy with how the soft material worked with the belt and how it didn't bunch up when I moved around.  I think a belt with a buckle might be too heavy for this dress but any fabric type one should work!  There are always those people out there who can rock the boxy shape and if you're one of them then go belt free.

I went with simple accessories because I see this as being more of a day dress.  I picked nude pumps and gold bangles from Express.  Nude heels are supposed to elongate your legs more than a printed or dark shoe.  I typically don't wear heels with day dresses because they are usually a little short on me since I'm 5'10''.  But this modest cut and length was perfect for higher heels.

There weren't a whole lot of Jason Wu pieces at the Target near me so hopefully others have more luck...  Let me know what you think!  

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