Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 SAG Awards Fashion

My 2012 SAG Awards Fashion Review:

Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory rocked this stunning light blue Romona Keveza gown.  I love that she wore a color after her Golden Globe's dress, which was a nude color but also stunning. (Side note: it's the Badgley Mischka dress in my 2012 wedding gown review post!)  Kaley's hair is another story... As it has been labeled, 2012 is the year of the braid, but Kaley's braid is just TOO BIG!  I think her hairdresser was trying to add some "umph" to her look because her jewelry is so minimal but the giant braid doesn't work for me.  I would have shrunk the braid, smoothed out the bangs and added a sparkly statement bracelet. 

Glee star, Jenna Ushkowitz is another favorite of mine in this Rebecca Minkoff number.  I don't know why I love this so much but I think she looks so beautiful and healthy!  The color is amazing on her and her styling was done to perfection.  If she had done an up-do, it wouldn't have matched the ease of the dress.  I think she almost looks like a runway model, minus the bones showing!  The cut-off dress with extended sheer fabric overlay is a trend we saw some of last year, but none were done this well. I have no idea what other reviews say about Jenna's SAG Awards look, but I think it's great.

Above are some more well-dress women at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.  (From left) Kyra Sedgwick in  Pucci, Emma Stone in Alexander Mqueen, Sofia Vergara in Marchesa and Jane Lynch in David Meister.  I think all these ladies look lovely and their styling is spot on.  

Actress Julie Bowen in Temperley London is one of my least favorites from last night.  I hate to say anything bad because she usually looks so great but this purple color and the open back remind me of a swimsuit cover-up.  Her look seemed very well received, so I may be the only one not loving it, but I think she could have done better... And where is the styling?? I like her hair but she has no polish on her nails and almost no jewelry.  
Rose Byrne in Elie Saab.  I want to love this look, I really do, but I think there was a mis-step with the styling.  It's not the outfit itself because I actually kind of love it, but her short bob makes it almost futuristic looking!  If you're going to rock a beaded jumper, I think you should make everything else soft since they tend to appear masculine.  I would have loved to see a longer hair-do with a light wave and a clutch in a brighter color. 

Okay, enough drooling.  George Clooney looking ever so "Clooney" in his classic black suit and his lady, Stacy Keibler, stuns in this amazing black lace Marchesa dress.  Could they be anymore perfect?  I love that Stacy wore black because she isn't nominated for anything, she is simply there for her man!  After ogling over this, I think I can accept being taller than whomever I'm with when heels are involved.  

Last night, white seemed to be one of the main colors on the carpet.  Here are some of the lovely actresses who rocked a white frock! (From left) Judy Greer in Collete Dinnigan, Kelly Osbourne, Viola Davis in Marchesa, and Angela Kinsey.

Are you kidding me?!  This 14 year old actress from Modern Family knows how to dress.  Ariel Winter is one to watch on the carpet.  Here she is at the SAG awards in Collette Dinnigan.  She's young and can pull off wearing a shorter dress to an awards show.  She is so age appropriate in this stone colored dress, it almost makes you forget that she's only 14!  Google her Golden Globe's dress, it was adorable. 

Speaking of age-approprite, Jessica Lang pulls of the sparkle dress trend perfectly.  Her body looks amazing too! It is fitted so she shows off but also the sleeves help keep it mature.  I'm a fan!

Sorry Leah Michelle, but you really drive me crazy when you are "working" the red carpet.  I love her Atelier Versace gown but she looks so smug that I don't even want to look at it.  And girl, look at your wrists!  Are you wearing sparkly, mismatched handcuffs?  I'm also disappointed in the shoes and clutch.  Maybe spread some of that bling down to the feet!  However, her hair and makeup look young and clean.  I wonder if the headband trend Charlize Theron did at the GG's would have worked here?

Another pretty girl who fell victim to poor styling is Shailene Woodley in L'Wren Scott.  I actually think this dress is cool, fun and great for her age but what is with the neckline?  It just doesn't fall correctly on her.  Her hair also ages her slightly.  I would have preferred a loose low pony-tail or even if it was just down and straight.  And where is your bright red cocktail ring?!  How could they not have put one on her finger with this fun accent color to play with?  I'm going to watch out for her on the red carpet from now on, because she took a risk here and would have knocked it out of the park with a few fixes.

I'm not about to critic Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  I just know that if I didn't put a picture of them up, I would have been leaving out a huge part of the night.  I will say this: I like this look better than Angelina's Golden Globe's look. 
Giuliana Rancic was my overall favorite of the night.  I mean, come on, look at her!  Her body looks amazing in this figure-hugging Basil Soda floor length gown.  Her hair makes her look young and fresh.  The accessories are so perfectly placed and selected that I want to thank her stylist!  The red and gold color combination is so modern.  Just weeks after her double mastectomy, Giuliana shows every Hollywood starlet out there how to bounce back.  This is how you "stick-it" to cancer and come out on top. Go G!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

View From the Top; 6'3'' In Heels

Guess what?  I love shoes.  I hope that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone.  There's one problem though; I am 5'10'' without heels!  I always shy away from wearing a fabulous pair of heels because I don't want to tower above everyone else.  It's always been one of my insecurities but if everyone else is wearing heels or is really tall, that's a different story!  (Anyone know where tall people hang out?!)  So, for that reason, I continue to shell out tons of money on really expensive shoes I may or may not wear in the next two years.  However, I've really learned to slow it down the past few years because, well, life is freakin' expensive but I am not always able to fight the urge.  One day I hope to accepts that if I want to wear any of my tons and tons of heels that I need to just get over the whole "being tall" thing.  It's not going away!  Woah, thanks for the brief therapy sesh..
Back to the shoes.  Here's a peek into my closet for all you lucky readers!

Let's begin with my love affair with Michael Kors' high heels.  I have a serious "thing" for the Project Runway judge when it comes to his bags, shoes, watches and just about everything else.  In my "Go-To Gold Pieces" post I have my favorite pair of flats which are Michael Kors!  I even think my first credit card purchase was this amazing pair of Michael Kors:

If you don't love these heels then we can't be friends.  I started obsessing over this idea of zipper details on shoes while decorating my short lived dorm wall.  (By short lived I mean; two weeks and I moved the hell out of there! Let's just say, dorms ended up not being my thing.)  I would flip through countless magazines trying to find the coolest things to tape up that would, intern, make me look cool.  I was a freshmen, cut me a break!  I found a pair similar to these by a different designer that I was set on buying.  But something changed when I saw these little suckers at Macy's just begging me to buy them with my new credit card.  Do as I say and not as I do, please use credit cards more responsibly than myself.  They cost a lot, but half as much as the original pair I was hunting for.  Mine!  And I've loved them ever since.  

My next pair of Michael Kors that I think make a cute addition to my shoe collection I've never actually worn.  Isn't that ridiculous?  But I have never had anywhere to wear them or anything to wear them with.  They are high, too.  I had one of those "must have" moments with these purple pumps.  I can't even remember what store I bought them in!  Here are my Michael Kors mary-Jane inspired purple pumps:

I have a love/hate relationship with these.  I want to wear them so badly but never have anything to wear them with!  I know I already said that but it is stressful.  I can not see these with jeans.  Maybe with a black skirt or dress but I just don't know how fancy.  Ah!  Well, I refuse to get rid of them.  They're different than most shoes and that's how you build style, with unique accent pieces. 

My next fun pair are bright royal blue and wrap up to the ankle.  Other people seem to like these shoes more  than I do but that's one reason I like to wear them!  They are Madden Girl from DSW.  I don't know how a shoe from a line for "girls" fit me because my feet are big but they did!  They aren't very comfortable and they get beat up pretty easily but I still like them for jeans or the right dress.  (I couldn't find a "pro" picture) 

I know I said that other people like these more than I do but I actually like them the more I look at them.  They are a good heel height too!  They are probably 3 inches, so that's do-able.  Aren't my legs are so tan?

Every girl needs a pair of red dress up shoes!  Just a pair that will go with anything and give you that little "umph". Most red heels are super sexy and high but these ones are actually pretty modest and low.  They are just so comfortable I could wear them for days.  They stay on my foot like a glove and I can just wipe them clean if they get dirty.  Here is my first Nordstrom shoe purchase from a few years back:

 The designer is Anyi Lu.  Note the little heel.  They aren't the sexiest but they are the comfiest!  One day I'm sure I'll buy a pair of sky high red heels but I have my sights set on my first pair of Christian Louboutin's before anything else!

Metallic shoes are everything.  They work as neutrals when they are in gold or silver tones like these Nina heels.  I like them because they elongate the leg like a pair of nude pumps.  I think they're a little sexy and almost blend with the skin!  I will admit, they aren't the easiest to walk in, but we must sometimes suffer for pretty shoes.  They don't really cause blisters or anything though because there aren't any parts rubbing against your skin.  Here they are:
Simple and classic, I can definitely get a lot of wears out of these!

My last pair is a a really comfortable and easy pair of cage sandals, designer Etienne Aigner.  They are a wedge so they're easy to wear and walk in.  They are perfect for spring and summer because you can wear them anywhere and with almost anything.  Here are two different colors, I only have the brown ones, but I like them both:

Low, comfy, easy and cute.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

I am LOVING colored denim and bright pants for spring.  This trend has been around for awhile, but I'm just finally getting around to it myself!  I find that I'm drawn to different bright blues and blueish hues for colored denim.  I am also loving red jeans but I am a little questionable on what to wear them with! (Suggestions please!)  I just bought these turquoise-ish blue skinny jeans, DKNY $30 at TJ Maxx!  So, I thought I would show everyone how to pull off the bright jean look even if you're, like me, NOT a size 2! 

Here is my "I can't wait 'till spring to wear it" outfit:
Ignore the iPhone photo, my photographer always takes Fridays off ;).  I love the bright blue jeans and the dark maroon tank color.  My guess is this color combo is going to be big this year!  At least for me... I paired the skinny jeans with some brown cage sandals and the tank with a light knit top in Ivory!  The total price for my spring pieces... Let's see; $30.00 for designer jeans from TJ Maxx, $8.00 Target tank, $16.99 knit top from TJ Maxx and caged sandals from... I think Macy's and my mom bought them for me.  Thanks mom!

Here's another look at the outfit:

I've been really into the knit tops and layering them over tanks.  It adds dimension and texture to an outfit.  It also helps hide the tummy area and hardly needs to be accessorized.  Here is my color palette and texture combination up close:

I'll leave the accessories up to you!  I would pair some of my go-to gold pieces with this and really any brown sandal would look good but the colors are so bright you'd be better off with a minimalist approach. I can't wait until it's warm enough to strap on my sandals, throw on some sunglasses and head out in my new spring look! 

Are you obsessing over a spring trend?? I want to know so I can obsess too!  Email me ideas or tweet them to me so I don't miss a minute of everything this spring has to offer my closet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tested & True

Since everyone has been wondering, "when is she going to tell us what she uses in the shower" I went ahead and wrote up some reviews.  (Sarcasm...)  But I have fallen victim to spending tons of money on products I end up not liking or just not using.  I always thought I was the only one out there who didn't use an expensive fruity scented body wash.  Overtime though, I learned that it's better to use the simple and basics because no one cares what you use in the shower.  I will share some of my favorite finds and hopefully someone will benefit and not spend any more money and crappy products!

My favorite hair products:
 Fredrick Fekkai Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner
I alternate this with Head & Shoulders sometimes because I think mixing it up with a healthy shampoo helps keep it looking fresh.  But I really like this shampoo and conditioner combo and what it does for my hair.  I get a lot of volume when I use this shampoo and conditioner but that’s not what it’s intended for.  Overall, it makes my hair shiny and look healthy!

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship, Leave In Protective Treatment
This product works double duty on protecting your hair and keeping the frizz out!  I always notice if I forgot to use this stuff because my hair will create static electricity and shock me.  So, it’s definitely one product I try to remember!

My favorite skin products:
 Garnier “Moisture Rescue”
I love this face lotion because it dries really quickly and leaves you feeling fresh and not oily.  It’s not super expensive either and a little bit goes a long way.  If you don’t have a face moisturizer… well be prepared for early ageing. 

Avon's ANEW Rejuvenate 2-in-1 Cleanser
I like this product because it is a cleanser and a toner in one so I can skip a step!  It leaves your skin feelings smooth and fresh not stripped and dry.  I’m pretty sure this face wash would be good for any skin type.  It is gentle yet effective.  After you use this on your face, remember to moisturize!  That goes for any cleanser or face wash.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub
I don't know anyone who has tried this and doesn't like it.  I've been using it since middle school and nothing else cleans the skin quit like this!  They also have a gentle version and a firming version.  Go buy some, you won't regret it.  The best part is it comes in travel size!

Favorite Skin Care, Body:
 St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion
I always gravitate toward anything with oatmeal because I love the smell and how soothing it is.  I like the Shea butter in this also because I use it all over, it can help minimize little scares.  This works really well for hand lotion too, I keep it next to the sink in my bathroom.

Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nails
Trusted brand name, that's what draws me in.  Hands need a lot of moisture, especially when it's cold outside so I reach for this every night before bed.  I also make sure to rub it into my cuticles to help my nails stay healthy. 

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash
I swear by this stuff.  I use an exfoliating sponge when I apply it and nothing seems to moisturize and clean quite like this! 

Favorite Shave Gel:
 Any Herbal Essence's Conditioner
I prefer using conditioner as shave gel.  It's cheaper, goes further and actually leaves your legs a lot smoother.  You can really use any conditioner though.  Maybe those full conditioner bottles of stuff you thought you would like but didn't.

Products I Wouldn't Recommend:
 Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion

I do keep this in my shower but I use it very sparingly.  If I don't rub it in while the water hits it then it leaves a weird residue on my skin.  I like to use it on my feet, knees and elbows but I'm afraid I'll get oily skin if I use it anywhere else!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Go-To Gold Pieces

I love gold accessories right now.  I was into silver for as long as I can remember, but now I've taken a shiny interest in all things gold colored!  The key to having good accessories is to have a lot of basics and just a few pops of interest.  Unless, of course, you are into really over accessorizing!  Here are all my fave go-to gold pieces I have in my closet!

Starting at the top.. These are my favorite two gold eyeshadows.  They both look completely different than the other but that's ok, I like to mix it up! The first one is called "aztec gold" and, if you couldn't tell, it is Bare Minerals!  It's really gold and goes on with a lot of pigment.  The bottom shadow is from an old MAC palette that I still love.  Does eyeshadow expire?  I hope not, because I know they don't make this palette anymore... But I'm sure, if you love it, they have a similar one in a single pot.

This is another eye makeup in gold that I LOVE!  It's from Avon, which I sell so hit me up, and it makes your eyes pop.  It's not sparkly so don't worry about looking like a stripper, not that it's always a bad look... I run this along the top of my liner that is already there, but I love my black liner, so it would look good on its own too!  You absolutely have to wear mascara with it though, or I won't sell it to you! 

THANK YOU Forever 21, for making really cute and cheap jewelry.  I no longer have to suffer through another broken Claire's necklace.  I love these gold square earrings. They are very '70's which is totally in style and the square shape will give your face structure!  Go for classic, geometric shapes for statement pieces to stay in style and also to have jewelry that will translate no matter what the trends are.

 I don't wear big jewelry everyday.  In fact, it takes a good party or event to get me to pull out all the stops, so I need pretty studs like these Forever 21 gold and amber studs.  I absolutely love these earrings, I also have them in a gorgeous blue with gold trim!  These look great on most face shapes too.

Blame it on Sex and the City but I love this gold name necklace!  I layer it with other gold necklaces and always get a good compliment.  And who doesn't love Carrie Bradshaw inspired style??? 

The tutu pendant necklace is very special to me. My dad bought it for me when we were in Paris at the ballet.  I've danced my whole life and I also love ballet performances.  On this trip I lost my dad, so this necklace will always be my favorite go-to gold piece.

I must have a fear of forgetting my name because here is another name piece that I love!  I had this made for me while in downtown Disney World on a random trip to Orlando.  I think it's cool and unique!  I love it.

Here is one of my statement rings that I really like.  It's a little over the top... but it's so different!  It's from Avon so it's not very expensive, which is perfect because it weighs nothing on my finger!  I wear this during the day and at night, it all depends on what you pair it with!

This is one of my newest and favorite gold jewelry pieces!  It is Mark by Avon and I just think it's great.  It's girly and tough at the same time and the chain links make it modern!  I love the different textured links and the way is falls on my wrist.  I also sell Mark, so let me know it you NEED this too!

I wear this Express gold cuff all the time.  It's a go-to piece not just because it's gold, but because it's the perfect amount of accessory.  
This is an old pair of Michael Kors flats.  I have had them for years and they are so comfy and go with everything from jeans to dresses!
Lasttly, the bag that gets all the compliments... My all gold Michael Kors bag which I got for Christmas years ago and I use it all the time still.  It's classic and perfect for everything!  I love Michael Kors, and you should too!

I have a rule when you're trying to look classy: keep your jewelry separate.  Which means if your earrings come down to your shoulders, skip the necklace.  If you're wearing a necklace, skip the earrings. If you're wearing a bracelet, keep it down to one ring a hand and if you want to wear it all... good luck.