Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boots That Stand

Come fall I'm always so excited to pull out my boots.  Nothing is worse than when I go for a favorite pair and find that there is a big crease from how I stored them.  This especially happens with leather, and unfortunately they're the most expensive kind to replace.  So, I learned this great little trick for storing your boots and keeping them in good shape. 

How To:
I know you figured it out already but for those of you who want a description...
- Just take a magazine, make sure it's not too thin that it won't stand, and roll it into a tube.
- Insert the rolled up magazine into the boot and push it down until it hits the sole.

 It is also a great way to recycle/store magazines you're done reading.  I have tons of catalogs and magazines I recycle every month and with this trick, I am able to hang on to them instead.  This is so simple you're probably wondering why I even blogged about it... Well, this trick also feeds into my need to have an organized closet.  I hate when I can't find the things I'm looking for even though it should be right in front of me.   It's a great thing to have all your boot options standing in front of you waiting to get picked!

And there you have it... Boots that don't fall over.  You're welcome.

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