Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why I Love Epsom Salts & You Should Too

One thing that I have been trying to do this new year is adding little things to my day that are healthy but also easy.  And one of these healthy things is to take Epsom salt baths!  That's right, I resolved to take more baths.  But seriously, this cheap “medicine cabinet must” does a lot of really good things for you.  I spent some time Googling and reading all about it and I was surprised with what I found.  Not only does Epsom salt help with the inside but also the outside.  But since I'm not writing a science report all about Epsom salts so here's the deal:

Epsom salt for crafts
Epsom salt is a cheap craft supply!  Use it in Christmas centerpieces and it looks just like snow.  You can mix in some glitter and make it sparkle.  It's a very inexpensive vase filler so instead of buying expensive foam shapes, just try Epsom salts.
 I found this great little craft on Pinterest using Epsom salts.

Transforming wine bottles in pretty vases:
Click the photo for a how-to guide from the original creator!

Epsom salt & beauty
Epsom salt baths are probably one of the best ways you can utilize them.  You will receive a lot of benefits just from dissolving some of this into your bath water.  
Here's how to properly take an Epsom salt bath:
  • Add 2 cups Epsom salt to hot water (not too hot!)
  • Add bubble bath if you want
  • Light candles in your favorite sent
  • Play some music; whatever floats you boat!
  • Dim the lights
After at least 12 minutes of soaking in a tub of salts your skin will feel really smooth.  You can scrub a handful onto rough spots to really see a difference.  It also helps to  heal any little cuts you have.  One of the best benefits of these baths, and a great reason to try them before bed, is how much Epsom salts help reduce stress.  Not only does the hot water help to sooth your muscles but the Epsom salt literally works to pull the toxins out of your system.  It will reduce any bloat or swelling you have also allowing you to relax better. 

You can also use Epsom salts as a hair volumizer 
Either saturate your hair while soaking in your Epsom salt bath and wash your hair regularly or you can add it into your condition like this:
  • Combine condition and a few table spoons of Epsom salt into a sauce pan
  • On the stove, heat up the mixer enough for the Epsom salt to dissolve into the conditioner
Now you will have an amazing and inexpensive hair volumizer! 

Health Benefits
Epsom salt is a fantastic source of magnesium which most Americans are actually deficient in.  A lot of the time people don't absorb magnesium when it is in a pill form but by actually bathing in it you can take more in.  Epsom salt also help to reduce stress and relax muscles.  On top of all that it actually helps to reduce swelling and it actually pulls toxins from your body!
Magnesium is actually used in over 300 bodily functions.  Magnesium also helps with depression, insomnia, migraines, diabetes, helping to reduce cardiovascular disease and help prevent or reverse osteoporoses.  Magnesium is a source of energy and a detoxifier.  All this sounds pretty good to me!

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