Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Go-To Gold Pieces

I love gold accessories right now.  I was into silver for as long as I can remember, but now I've taken a shiny interest in all things gold colored!  The key to having good accessories is to have a lot of basics and just a few pops of interest.  Unless, of course, you are into really over accessorizing!  Here are all my fave go-to gold pieces I have in my closet!

Starting at the top.. These are my favorite two gold eyeshadows.  They both look completely different than the other but that's ok, I like to mix it up! The first one is called "aztec gold" and, if you couldn't tell, it is Bare Minerals!  It's really gold and goes on with a lot of pigment.  The bottom shadow is from an old MAC palette that I still love.  Does eyeshadow expire?  I hope not, because I know they don't make this palette anymore... But I'm sure, if you love it, they have a similar one in a single pot.

This is another eye makeup in gold that I LOVE!  It's from Avon, which I sell so hit me up, and it makes your eyes pop.  It's not sparkly so don't worry about looking like a stripper, not that it's always a bad look... I run this along the top of my liner that is already there, but I love my black liner, so it would look good on its own too!  You absolutely have to wear mascara with it though, or I won't sell it to you! 

THANK YOU Forever 21, for making really cute and cheap jewelry.  I no longer have to suffer through another broken Claire's necklace.  I love these gold square earrings. They are very '70's which is totally in style and the square shape will give your face structure!  Go for classic, geometric shapes for statement pieces to stay in style and also to have jewelry that will translate no matter what the trends are.

 I don't wear big jewelry everyday.  In fact, it takes a good party or event to get me to pull out all the stops, so I need pretty studs like these Forever 21 gold and amber studs.  I absolutely love these earrings, I also have them in a gorgeous blue with gold trim!  These look great on most face shapes too.

Blame it on Sex and the City but I love this gold name necklace!  I layer it with other gold necklaces and always get a good compliment.  And who doesn't love Carrie Bradshaw inspired style??? 

The tutu pendant necklace is very special to me. My dad bought it for me when we were in Paris at the ballet.  I've danced my whole life and I also love ballet performances.  On this trip I lost my dad, so this necklace will always be my favorite go-to gold piece.

I must have a fear of forgetting my name because here is another name piece that I love!  I had this made for me while in downtown Disney World on a random trip to Orlando.  I think it's cool and unique!  I love it.

Here is one of my statement rings that I really like.  It's a little over the top... but it's so different!  It's from Avon so it's not very expensive, which is perfect because it weighs nothing on my finger!  I wear this during the day and at night, it all depends on what you pair it with!

This is one of my newest and favorite gold jewelry pieces!  It is Mark by Avon and I just think it's great.  It's girly and tough at the same time and the chain links make it modern!  I love the different textured links and the way is falls on my wrist.  I also sell Mark, so let me know it you NEED this too!

I wear this Express gold cuff all the time.  It's a go-to piece not just because it's gold, but because it's the perfect amount of accessory.  
This is an old pair of Michael Kors flats.  I have had them for years and they are so comfy and go with everything from jeans to dresses!
Lasttly, the bag that gets all the compliments... My all gold Michael Kors bag which I got for Christmas years ago and I use it all the time still.  It's classic and perfect for everything!  I love Michael Kors, and you should too!

I have a rule when you're trying to look classy: keep your jewelry separate.  Which means if your earrings come down to your shoulders, skip the necklace.  If you're wearing a necklace, skip the earrings. If you're wearing a bracelet, keep it down to one ring a hand and if you want to wear it all... good luck.  

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