Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nail Polish Love

I love finding a new nail polish that I can obsess over.  There was a time I literally re-painted my nails three times just because I couldn't settle on a color!  But now I have that under control... and I am obsessing over one color at a time!  Last night while getting my nails done I decided to try something different.  Lately, I have been reaching for purples and matte colors but  I went for a sparkly magenta color; OPI Designer Collection, DS Extravagance.   I only put it on my toes considering my fear of coming off as a Barbie wanna-be but I love it!  And I would now make the decision to also paint my finger nails with it.  Here's what it looks like:

The polish blends the color with the glitter really nicely.  So I am excited to try all the other pretty colors in the collection!

Idea for brides: Wear the sparkly blue on your toes for your wedding as your "something blue"

Not only do I love finding the new "in" color but I also love finding cool ways to do your nails!  Thanks Pinterest for opening me up to all kinds of pretty nail art!  My faves (click the picture & see it from the Pinterest source!):

Pretty gold splattered nails!  Are you from Pittsburgh?  Splatter gold over black for your next tailgate party maybe?!

I'm obsessed with chevron, for everything.  So, of course I am going to love it on nails.  I attempted this, and as I am no nail artist, it didn't turn out perfectly but I was also really impatient with it.  I still love this and am planning on doing this to two nails on each hand in the near future!

I LOVE this look, and I was capable of doing a pretty good job at it!  It's pretty and sparkly without being "Barbie", which is a look I always aim for.  You have to be patient and let the bottom coat dry but it lasts a little longer than just a color because of all the layers!

This is one of my favorite looks.  But like most things on Pinterest, I haven't gotten around to trying it... I think it's cool and different.  I even like the base color, it looks just like newspaper!

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