Friday, January 20, 2012

My First Post!

Finally  starting my blog, which is something I have wanted to do for so long now!  In the past two weeks I somehow caved into Twitter, so I figured, "why not"?  I'm a little "all over the place" so I am guessing my blog will end up the same way.  But I'm ok with that!  I hope to somehow inspire people to explore what they love and not be afraid to just "do".  I am always finding inspiration in the oddest places, I also find a lot of meaning in the seemingly unmeaning-less.  I am one of those people who wants to share the things that inspire me! (Thank you, Pinterest) I love to learn and evolve and find ways to improve myself. .. I think this is sounding a lot cornier than I mean it, because I am not all loves and hugs either!  I can have a serious attitude problem when I need to!  So many things annoy me and I think I need a place to vent it out and just poke a little fun.  For example.. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Ever been?  Well, the weather is psychotic.  Like now for instance; it's snowing and last night the roads were bad, today there is a winter weather watch... BUT after the weekends over we have a few 50 degree+ days coming our way... Sometimes it rains and sometimes it is so hot you think you're going to sweat your clothes off all in the same day.  And although Pittsburgh has always been a place with ridiculous weather, local Pittsburghers seem to always need to complain about it.  As if they expected it to be different this year...

Ahh.. I feel a little better now after getting that out! (See ya in Cali sometime in the future!)

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