Saturday, January 28, 2012

View From the Top; 6'3'' In Heels

Guess what?  I love shoes.  I hope that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone.  There's one problem though; I am 5'10'' without heels!  I always shy away from wearing a fabulous pair of heels because I don't want to tower above everyone else.  It's always been one of my insecurities but if everyone else is wearing heels or is really tall, that's a different story!  (Anyone know where tall people hang out?!)  So, for that reason, I continue to shell out tons of money on really expensive shoes I may or may not wear in the next two years.  However, I've really learned to slow it down the past few years because, well, life is freakin' expensive but I am not always able to fight the urge.  One day I hope to accepts that if I want to wear any of my tons and tons of heels that I need to just get over the whole "being tall" thing.  It's not going away!  Woah, thanks for the brief therapy sesh..
Back to the shoes.  Here's a peek into my closet for all you lucky readers!

Let's begin with my love affair with Michael Kors' high heels.  I have a serious "thing" for the Project Runway judge when it comes to his bags, shoes, watches and just about everything else.  In my "Go-To Gold Pieces" post I have my favorite pair of flats which are Michael Kors!  I even think my first credit card purchase was this amazing pair of Michael Kors:

If you don't love these heels then we can't be friends.  I started obsessing over this idea of zipper details on shoes while decorating my short lived dorm wall.  (By short lived I mean; two weeks and I moved the hell out of there! Let's just say, dorms ended up not being my thing.)  I would flip through countless magazines trying to find the coolest things to tape up that would, intern, make me look cool.  I was a freshmen, cut me a break!  I found a pair similar to these by a different designer that I was set on buying.  But something changed when I saw these little suckers at Macy's just begging me to buy them with my new credit card.  Do as I say and not as I do, please use credit cards more responsibly than myself.  They cost a lot, but half as much as the original pair I was hunting for.  Mine!  And I've loved them ever since.  

My next pair of Michael Kors that I think make a cute addition to my shoe collection I've never actually worn.  Isn't that ridiculous?  But I have never had anywhere to wear them or anything to wear them with.  They are high, too.  I had one of those "must have" moments with these purple pumps.  I can't even remember what store I bought them in!  Here are my Michael Kors mary-Jane inspired purple pumps:

I have a love/hate relationship with these.  I want to wear them so badly but never have anything to wear them with!  I know I already said that but it is stressful.  I can not see these with jeans.  Maybe with a black skirt or dress but I just don't know how fancy.  Ah!  Well, I refuse to get rid of them.  They're different than most shoes and that's how you build style, with unique accent pieces. 

My next fun pair are bright royal blue and wrap up to the ankle.  Other people seem to like these shoes more  than I do but that's one reason I like to wear them!  They are Madden Girl from DSW.  I don't know how a shoe from a line for "girls" fit me because my feet are big but they did!  They aren't very comfortable and they get beat up pretty easily but I still like them for jeans or the right dress.  (I couldn't find a "pro" picture) 

I know I said that other people like these more than I do but I actually like them the more I look at them.  They are a good heel height too!  They are probably 3 inches, so that's do-able.  Aren't my legs are so tan?

Every girl needs a pair of red dress up shoes!  Just a pair that will go with anything and give you that little "umph". Most red heels are super sexy and high but these ones are actually pretty modest and low.  They are just so comfortable I could wear them for days.  They stay on my foot like a glove and I can just wipe them clean if they get dirty.  Here is my first Nordstrom shoe purchase from a few years back:

 The designer is Anyi Lu.  Note the little heel.  They aren't the sexiest but they are the comfiest!  One day I'm sure I'll buy a pair of sky high red heels but I have my sights set on my first pair of Christian Louboutin's before anything else!

Metallic shoes are everything.  They work as neutrals when they are in gold or silver tones like these Nina heels.  I like them because they elongate the leg like a pair of nude pumps.  I think they're a little sexy and almost blend with the skin!  I will admit, they aren't the easiest to walk in, but we must sometimes suffer for pretty shoes.  They don't really cause blisters or anything though because there aren't any parts rubbing against your skin.  Here they are:
Simple and classic, I can definitely get a lot of wears out of these!

My last pair is a a really comfortable and easy pair of cage sandals, designer Etienne Aigner.  They are a wedge so they're easy to wear and walk in.  They are perfect for spring and summer because you can wear them anywhere and with almost anything.  Here are two different colors, I only have the brown ones, but I like them both:

Low, comfy, easy and cute.  

I love the idea of not relying on a simple pair of black heels or nude pumps.  Mixing it up and getting different styles of shoes is going to benefit your personal style.  You want to focus on the color of the shoe when deciding whether to buy it or not.  No matter how crazy the shoe, if the color works with a lot of things, you're going to get good wear out of them.  I feel like every girl has a pair of jeans that just doesn't "go" with anything.  Don't buy shoes that have the same effect, especially if you have the habit of buying designer.  

And here is my favorite video about shoes:

There will be plenty more shoe posts considering how fun it was trying them all on.  Are you obsessed with a pair of heels?!  Email or Tweet me about it so I can obsess too! 

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