Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Foxley Farm

The first thing I thought when driving up to Foxley Farm was, "I could have those wedding photos I drool over if I was married here."  I had high hopes for Foxley Farm when first invited to tour the venue.  I'm hesitant to call it a venue, because it is so much more than that.  They offer accommodations for up to twelve people and even have a separate spring cottage for the B&G.  But back to my high expectations... I was hoping for a farm that took my breath away and that was going to be hard because it was a cold and grey Pennsylvania day.  I wasn't aware the farm was under total renovations before we got there, but even under those conditions I was in "awe".
When we arrived we were greeted by one of the owners who actually lives on the property.  The Foxley Farm basics include; 58 acres located in the middle of fox hunting country, an early 1800's colonial farmhouse, a grand 2-story ballroom, a spring cottage, and many more amazing features.  A feature I found to be stunning were the French doors in the ballroom that came from the Mellon building in downtown Pittsburgh.  Fun fact: the Mellons actually owned Foxley Farm at one point.  The owner pointed out all the great renovations they were doing.  We started in the kitchen, which held it's colonial charm.  Following the kitchen was a tour of the guest rooms and the many bathrooms.  I was very impressed by the closet space in the house! 

After a tour of the house portion, we walked into a jaw-dropping ballroom complete with a catwalk balcony once used as a gallery.  This was when I first realized the true potential in this place.  The floors were recently replaced with a gorgeous dark wood but everything else was original.  The molding around the property is incredible.  There was a photo shoot going on during our visit so we were able to see the ballroom with some decorated guest tables.  The place is really a blank slate with character and can be transformed into anything you want. 
 This is the staircase in the main ballroom, which leads up to the catwalk balcony and another tier that has room for additional guests or a live band!

Above are photos of the interior.  You can see a lot of elements that make Foxly Farm unique.  In the lower right hand corner is an example of beautiful molding throughout and on the far bottom left are doors from the Mellon building downtown!

Next stop was the barn.  Still needing much work, the barn was fantastic.  It was large enough to accommodate guests yet small and intimate at the same time.  They are even adding a catering area to make it easy to hold dinners or even receptions in.  The barn is where you really envision a rustic/antique wedding.  And the best part?  The whole property is yours for the entire weekend and you can utilize every building for whatever you choose.  You could have your rehearsal dinner outside as a fun BBQ, your ceremony in the barn, your reception in the ballroom and there is no end time!  The property is all yours and your bridal party's for the weekend.  However, the owners do live on the property, they have a private entrance and exit and are there just incase you need anything! 

My favorite part of the whole visit was getting to see the passion in everyone's heart for Foxley Farm.  It was a pleasure to make the drive up the turnpike to get a tour.  With all the renovations and work being done, they will be up and running May 3rd of this year!  They are already booking weddings, which shows people have a lot of faith in Foxley Farm!

Want to know more?  Check out their website for more info!

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