Friday, March 30, 2012

Colored Denim

Colored Denim
"Who needs a fun top when you have fun pants?"  

If you read my blog you might notice that I'm not all that over-the-top.  I like fashion statements not fashion "slaps in the face".  And colored denim is a really fun and easy way to make a fashion statement without getting those unwanted second glances (when the double-take is followed by the unmistakable "bad smell" disapproving face squish).  

I definitely took the easy route with this outfit by pairing bright blue bottoms with a white t-shirt.  This isn't the most fashion-forward look but it's one that any girl could pull off.  

The Basics to Building A Colored Denim Look:
1.  Build off of your statement piece. (In this case; pants) 
2.  Make a definitive choice on your top before adding accessories. 
3. Add accessories that make the clothes look good on YOU.  For example: I felt weird without the belt, I needed to add it in order to create a break in the hips.  Another asset accentuating accessory could be a necklace if you have a great collar bone or earrings that compliment your face shape.
  Braided tan belt & a gold double-knuckle ring.
My go-to-gold tan Michael Kors flats.

Tips for Picking Tops:
- White or neutral variation is always a good fall back.  
- For a unique look pair your denim with a top that is a few shades lighter.  
(Focus on finding a less saturated hue, not a lighter version of a similar color)
- A pattern top with complimenting colors and simple styling will give your that "off the runway" look.

Tips for Pulling Off Colored Denim:
- Make sure your pants fit.  Seriously.  Try sitting in them to make sure you aren't hanging out in the back!  Nothing makes your look worse than clothes that don't fit.
- I'm 5'10'' so making sure pants are long enough is essential.  But NOTE: the pants I'm wearing are skinny jeans.  They were too short on me so I cuffed them into capris.
- Before buying a crazy color seriously ask yourself if you would wear it or not.
- To avoid frustration, either buy a top to wear with your jeans at the time of purchase or have one in mind from your closet before you buy.
- Bright blues are a great place to start if you want to test the style before committing to that awesome pair of raspberry red skinny jeans!

My colored denim: only $14.99 from TJMaxx

Some stores I like that carry colored denim at affordable prices: Target, TJMaxx, Macy's and Lucky Brand.

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  1. I love J crew's colored pants too! We have an outlet near us for even better deals! Great blog.

  2. J Crew! Awesome, I didn't even think of them! I wonder if there's a Grove City Outlet... Hmmmm Thanks for the tip :)

  3. I found some super cute ones at Kohl's too!