Sunday, March 18, 2012

Get Shellacked!

I HATE acrylic nails.  I hate the way they feel, the way they look when your nails grow but mostly how much they screw up your natural nails.  If you don't have the cash to keep up with acrylic nails I would say to just stay away!  With that being said, I was kind of hesitant to try the new "UV" shellac nail polish because I heard that it has a similar affect on your nails.  I also hate trying to keep up with my half-ass manicure I did while running out the door...  So, I went ahead and got shellacked.  
Yes, I am holding my remote but check out the chip free nails!  It's going on six days now and I am already impressed.  For starters, I was wrong about thinking that it would ruin your nails.  Whoever told me that was wrong because I actually think this polish could help your nail's health.  In other words, by having polish on at all times your nails are less likely to be dry and brittle.  More good news?  It doesn't take any longer than a traditional manicure.  Your polish is bone dry and smudge proof before you walk out the door and dig for your keys only to end up with a chunk of polish missing.    

What should you expect?  Basically, what your manicurist will do is start with a typical manicure and clean up your nails and nail beds.  Then they apply a bunch of different special polishes and you alternate putting your nails under a UV light to dry and getting another layer put on.  Then after a few minutes of final dry time, they wipe your nails with a cloth and BAM!  They're dry.  Two weeks, no chipping!

Ready to get shellacked??  Go to the right place because, like acrylics, some manicurist can screw this up leaving you with thick, chipping nails.  I recommend California Nails in Wexford.  It is located in the new plaza with the new Market District!  $35.00 for a shellac manicure and ask for Kimy, although everyone there is great.  (If you're not in Pittsburgh read around for some good reviews before committing to a place!)  Also, check Living Social and Groupon for deals!

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