Thursday, March 29, 2012

My $6 Felt Hat

Today's blog post is all about me.  At least that's the impression you might get from my Mac Book Pro Photobooth photo session.  (Sorry in advance for plastering my face all over the post!)  But really, today I am tackling a Spring trend that can cause a real headache for some... pun-intended.  

Chic Hats in Smoldering Hues

I can't honestly say that this "trend" is trending... But I feel like I have seen it everywhere!  Especially with '70's flares and prints coming back around!  Call it a style foreshadow if you will.  For a celebrity reference for "chic hat" ideas my advice would be to google "Jlo in hat" and see what you find!  Personally, I feel weird in hats but I really want to be able to wear them.  The trick is finding a hat that actually looks good on YOU. 

Hats are kind of like sunglasses and you can't expect to buy one without trying it on first.  

My experience proves that you'll know if you like the way it looks or not the first second you look in the mirror.  You'll either think, "woah, I didn't expect to be able to pull this off!" or "eh, it looks ok but why does it make my head look funny?"  Only buy it if you think the former.  So, if there's no mirror in the hat department then I suggest you go find one!  

Since finding a hat that looks great is tough you want to make it go as far as possible.  I literally just stumbled upon this hat while walking into the mall through the Jcpenney's entrance.  It was $6 and just screamed, "try me on."  Success!  I found a chic hat in a great color that need just a little primping to look perfect.  So, here's how to accessorize a hat:

I have a lot of cute stretchy headbands that I hardly ever wear.  My guess is, most girls do!  They're cheap, easy to find and a really simple way to do your hair.  So I thought, "why not use them to change my hat?"

Plain hat.
Silver braided headband.
Beaded knot.
    Boho braided headband.  
Pretty Sequins.

One $6.00 hat ~ Six different ways! 

Tips for pulling off a hat:
- Utilize it!  By that I mean wearing a hat to an indoor event is pointless. But if you wear it to a picnic or to lunch during sunny days then you are not only stylin' but shaded.  
- Keep your makeup light and pretty because shadows over harsh and dark makeup can really create an intensely dark look.  
- Wear your confidence piece!  Whether it's a great pair of jeans or heels, wear it to help boost your confidence level while rocking a hat.
- Everyone knows you're wearing a hat.  Trust me, they didn't miss it.  You don't need to draw a lot of attention to it.. or yourself!

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