Monday, March 19, 2012

BB Cream!

Amazing beauty product alert!!!

Garnier Fructis BB Cream
I know what you're thinking.. What the hell is BB cream??  Well, I did a little light Googling and found out that the BB stands for "Beauty Balm".  This one product does all kinds of great things for your complexion.  There's SPF 15 (and YES we all need to wear a little SPF) but my favorite part is how it is a tinted moisturizer!  If you have relatively good skin and don't rely on heavy foundation to get full coverage then let me introduce you to your new BFF... If you DON'T have awesome skin and need a little boost then this product is also for you!  With acne fighting properties on it's long list of benefits this cream also serves as an amazing primer!  The main purpose of this product is to ultimately give you an even skin tone and a fresh glow.  BB creams also work as a correcting agents so you aren't masking anything!  You are actually fighting your problems while still looking great.  I have been a huge fan of tinted moisturizers for a long time.  Now, I can use my staple beauty product and get a lot more than just great coverage and moisture out of it!  Anything to get girls to moisturize! (Seriously, use lotion and take a multivitamin and you will notice a huge difference in your skin)  Anywho, enough lecturing... Here's another really great tinted moisturizer.

Cargo SPF Tinted Moisturizer 
(note: this product is ONLY tinted moisturizer and SPF, it does not have all the other benefits of a BB cream)  

Tinted Moisturizer Tips:
- Buy the right shade (just pay attention to what you're grabbing off the shelf)
- Apply (first) with a foundation wedge
- Don't neglect your hairline, neck line or under your brow bone
- Allow a few minutes for the moisturizer to set in and dry (it does have a light fragrance to it but that dissipates as it dries)
- Follow up with your powders and bronzers once dry to help set the BB cream 
- DO NOT cake it on!  This is not foundation, it is moisturizer so if you use too much you'll feel oily and gross

Now go get amazing skin!  The BB Cream is sold at places like Target and drugstores for about $12.99.  The Cargo tinted moisturizer can be found at Ulta.  Sephora carries some of the Cargo line (which I recommend) but Ulta has a much bigger selection of it!  Also, the Cargo tinted moisturizer comes in a few different bottle shapes.  

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